Public M&A is one of our core businesses. We are uniquely positioned to advice on all aspects of a public deal and have done so on a significant proportion of the most recent deals in the region


We offer big firm capabilities with a small firm feel via a hands-on approach of our senior bankers leading on small teams comprised of highly skilled individuals. The more complex and the more technical a public deal gets the more at home we feel. We help managment boards and supervisory boards to navigate through the pitfalls of a public deal making sure the decision makers are compliant with all written and unwritten rules in order to avoid the risk of any post-deal litigation.

We have a unique tool set for public M&A deals which we use to help our clients in achieving the desired results. Our valuation practice helps us to analyze the prospects of a public deal in more depth and detail than our larger investment banking competitors are able to.

Over the last years, public M&A deals have become more and more dependent on the involvement of activist hedge funds. In Germany, this development has been supported by the particularities of German corporate and take-over law which provides for the back-end game allowing activists to apply pressure on takeover targets and bidders. We at ParkView are able to assess the likelihood of a threat by an activist in advance since we are able to calculate the back-end game potential via valuation methods used in German courts.